Mark version 1.0.0

Hello this is my first devlog about my game Mark! It is still in pre pre pre alpha so don't expect too much. 

Mark is a game based on the wild west. The main character is a cowboy. 

Even though this is meant to be about the wild west I will still have somethings that have nothing to do with the theme. This is because IT IS MY GAME AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! Any futuristic weapons I'll just blame on back to the future.

Currently in the game I have:

2 finished weapons

3 unfinished weapons 



and a basic enemy that doesn't do much...

I am planning to have 8 different worlds by the end 

many guns 

a costumes system 

and lots of enemies

Get Mark!


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please understand that even though it is my game and no one can tell me what to do I will still gladly listen too your feedback and fix bugs that have arisen. Just no stuff like YOU CANT HAVE AK 47S IN THE WILD WEST THEY WEREN'T INVENTED YET!!! WELL I DON'T CARE BECAUSE THEY'RE COOL